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Working with Ready by 21, Greendale School District
Project Title: Working with Ready by 21, Greendale School District

Who is Involved: William H. Hughes

The Challenge: The challenge is how can the Greendale Schools increase support so that all young people graduating from the High School have a pathway and the opportunities they need to be Ready by 21 – ready for college, work and life?

The Solution: The Greendale School District received a small grant through the American Association of School Administrators to engage with the Youth Investment Forum to create a critical mass of leaderships in the village to focus and prioritize partnerships in the Village of Greendale so that Greendale High School students are connected to their teachers and schools so that when they graduate they have support and opportunities in place for worker training, college or technical school (community colleges).

The Youth Investment Forum has provided training and technical assistance to administrators, school and teacher leaders to effectively connect school, faculty and staff with community leaders in the Village of Greendale serving the Greendale School District. Family engagement strategies are aligned to the principles of Ready by 21: This can best be seen by the following booklet: “
Changing the Odds for Children and Youth.”

Recently, a team of Greendale teacher and school leaders completed a day long workshop in Washington, D.C. where they learned effective, pro-active strategies to improve school climate as well as to link youth with community and business leaders in the school.

The Greendale Schools are developing content for professional development and establishing a network with community leaders in the Village of Greendale. Working with Cascade Partners, Greendale leaders can provide technical assistance to other suburban districts in effective ways to provide professional development to school leaders, teachers, staff, students and their families as they connect to help youth be ready for a successful life.
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